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__GpivTrigTime Struct Reference

Trigger parameters. More...

#include <gpiv-trig.h>

Data Fields

RTIME cam_acq_period
RTIME laser_trig_pw
RTIME time2laser
enum GpivTimingMode mode
gint cycles
RTIME increment

Detailed Description

Trigger parameters.

Used for triggering camera and light source (mostly a double-cavity Nd/YAGG laser) and defining separation time between the frames of a PIV image pair etc. The parameters might be loaded from the configuration resources, with gpiv_scan_resourcefiles() or with gpiv_scan_parameter().

Definition at line 136 of file gpiv-trig.h.

Field Documentation

RTIME __GpivTrigTime::cam_acq_period

camera acquisition period time in ns (period)

Definition at line 137 of file gpiv-trig.h.

RTIME __GpivTrigTime::laser_trig_pw

laser trigger pulse width in ns (tp)

Definition at line 138 of file gpiv-trig.h.

RTIME __GpivTrigTime::time2laser

time from laser trigger->Hi (tl) until laser pulse: 0.19 ms in ns

Definition at line 139 of file gpiv-trig.h.

RTIME __GpivTrigTime::dt

time between 2 laser exposures in ns

Definition at line 140 of file gpiv-trig.h.

enum GpivTimingMode __GpivTrigTime::mode

operating mode (indefinite/interrupt/definite)

Definition at line 141 of file gpiv-trig.h.

gint __GpivTrigTime::cycles

number of cycles, equal to the number of image pairs to be recorded

Definition at line 142 of file gpiv-trig.h.

RTIME __GpivTrigTime::increment

increment in dt (ms)

Definition at line 143 of file gpiv-trig.h.

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