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Libgpiv Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
__GpivBinDataUsed for making up histograms in bins or klasses
__GpivCamParParameters for camera settings
__GpivCamVarCamera variables
__GpivCovarianceCovariance data
__GpivImagePiv image header and data
__GpivImageParImage parameters or header info
__GpivImageProcParImage processing parameters
__GpivLinRegDataData structure of linear regression data
__GpivPivDataHolds the variables of PIV data
__GpivPivParParameters for PIV evaluation (interrogation) of images
__GpivPostParParameters for post-processing PIV data
__GpivRoiRegion Of Interest
__GpivScalarDataHolds scalar data, mostly derived from __GpivPivData
__GpivTrigParWhether elements of __GpivTrigTime have been set
__GpivTrigTimeTrigger parameters
__GpivValidParPiv validation parameters

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