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__GpivCamVar Struct Reference

Camera variables. More...

#include <gpiv-cam.h>

Data Fields

guint numNodes
guint numCameras
guint maxspeed
guint port
raw1394handle_t handle
nodeid_t * camera_nodes
dc1394_cameracapture * capture
dc1394_camerainfo * camera
dc1394_feature_info * feature_info
dc1394_feature_set * feature_set
dc1394_miscinfo * misc_info

Detailed Description

Camera variables.

These variables are determined by the camera when connecting to the appliacation.

Definition at line 114 of file gpiv-cam.h.

Field Documentation

guint __GpivCamVar::numNodes

number of nodes available

Definition at line 115 of file gpiv-cam.h.

guint __GpivCamVar::numCameras

number of cameras available

Definition at line 116 of file gpiv-cam.h.

guint __GpivCamVar::maxspeed

maximum frame rate speed

Definition at line 117 of file gpiv-cam.h.

guint __GpivCamVar::port

port number

Definition at line 118 of file gpiv-cam.h.

raw1394handle_t __GpivCamVar::handle


Definition at line 119 of file gpiv-cam.h.

nodeid_t* __GpivCamVar::camera_nodes

camera node

Definition at line 120 of file gpiv-cam.h.

dc1394_cameracapture* __GpivCamVar::capture

Definition at line 122 of file gpiv-cam.h.

dc1394_camerainfo* __GpivCamVar::camera

Definition at line 123 of file gpiv-cam.h.

dc1394_feature_info* __GpivCamVar::feature_info

Definition at line 124 of file gpiv-cam.h.

dc1394_feature_set* __GpivCamVar::feature_set

Definition at line 125 of file gpiv-cam.h.

dc1394_miscinfo* __GpivCamVar::misc_info

Definition at line 126 of file gpiv-cam.h.

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